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Sketchorcism: Paleo and Neona by Allysdelta Sketchorcism: Paleo and Neona by Allysdelta
What, she draws with a pencil, too? :o

Since my sister's and my own pleas have been answered with a brand-new scanner, I think it's about time to showcase some of the stuff I don't use a tablet to draw.

So here's Paleo and Neona, two characters from a story ~Eviltwinears and I are playing around with. (Yes, we intentionally named them that.)

Since Paleo belongs to ETE, his design has been a bit difficult to come by; I still haven't lit upon a satisfactory hair design that I can draw consistently. But at least I think I've got a basic design that reflects his personality. Bit ironic that he's actually the newer of our two characters.

Neona, on the other hand, is a relic dug up from my middle school years (y'know, the days when I still thought big-muscled martial artists yelling at each other from opposite sides of a field were cool). Luckily for all of us, she's gone through a few changes since those first attempts at storytelling. Though she's still kind of hot-tempered.

Paleo belongs to :iconeviltwinears:
Neona belongs to :iconmangakawa:
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